November 3, 2017

Arc of Appalachia Preserve System: Kamama Prairie


Rare dry limestone prairie

Goldenrod on a summer day

Arc of Appalachia Preserve System: Plum Run Prairie

Acrobatic praying mantis

Tall-grass prairie

Domain of the Allegheny mound ants


The Crying Angel

Bob Evans Farm

Down on the farm y'all

Bob Evans with his famous sausage

Campbells Tunnel

900'+ of creepiness

Deer Creek State Park

Beach area

Angry birds on the beach

Beautiful day in a beautiful prairie

Limestone prairie

Gravel bluffs and Deer Creek Lake

Serenity over the lake

Great Seal State Park

Misplaced weather vane and picnic table on Bunker Hill

Highlands Nature Sanctuary: Crows Point

Butterfly and thistle

Sunflowers on a scorching day

Hopewell Culture National Historic Park: Hopeton Earthworks

Sunset over Hopeton Earthworks

The large square and circle enclosure at the Hopeton works are some of the largest of their kind and were used in conjunction with Mound City across the Scioto River. Recent research has shown the circular portion had a large ring of wooden posts mounted in the earthworks, making the Hopeton site the largest woodhenge in the world.

Milford Center Prairie State Nature Preserve

Morning light


Prairie dock