July 2, 2018

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Welcome to the finest zoo in Ohio

Flamingos on a scorching hot summer day

Sticky situation

We've got a floater

Curious snake

Green Basilisk

What else do you do when it's 100 degrees?

Cincinnati Art Museum

Terracotta soldier

Old tomb from Spain

Shiva the destroyer

May the many buddhas bless you

Dayton Art Institute

Tiffany and Co. dragonfly table lamp

Abstraction in glass

Stained glass at the entry to the atrium




Secret chambers

Columbus Museum of Art


Evil child's drawing

My name is mud (and some clay)


Structure outside

Simple and effective

World's biggest sunflower

Dayton Aviation National Historical Park

Wright Brothers bicycle shop on West Third Street in Dayton

Tool bench inside the shop

Inside the museum

Wright Flyer

View to the past

Recreated printing press studio

Dayton heritage

June 14, 2018

Maria Stein Convent and Holy Relic Shrine

Maria Stein Convent in the Land of the Cross-tipped Churches

St. Francis in the courtyard

Marian Shrine of the Holy Relics, a special place

Entry to the shrine

Stained glass in the museum

Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Lost in the matrix

Baker Woods State Nature Preserve

Faint, gentle light in an old-growth forest

Maze of pawpaws

Soft glow on beech

Fort Salem Earthworks

Morning view of the old Salem Fort, an Adena enclosure

Conical mound inside the enclosure

Old-growth beech trees in the old fort

Thank you to the hard-working and generous hand of the man in this house

Brick Park

Ohio's heritage on display in an abandoned brick kiln

Unfinished bricks in Nelsonville

Storage area inside the kiln

Details on the chimney

Entrance to the chimneys

Sands of time