September 1, 2011

Ohio Historical Center

The Ohio Historical Center is the museum of the Ohio Historical Society and is located next to the Ohio State Fairgrounds

The atrium opens to the first and second floors

Fossilized Mastadon

A stuffed specimen of the (believed-to-be) extinct Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

Stuffed specimens of the extinct Carolina Parakeet, the only native eastern parrot during Ohio's frontier era

 Ohio's priceless Indian heritage on display

The famous Adena pipe made of Ohio pipestone

The Wray Figurine

Human effigy from the Seip Mound

One of the mysterious tablets from a lost culture of Moundbuilders

 The famous Tremper Pipes

River Otter effigy pipe

The original Ohio statehouse bell

Ohio Village, a step back into Ohio's past

A lonely street in Ohio Village