January 24, 2012

Halls Creek Woods State Nature Preserve

Grays Run

Limestone outcrop along Grays Run

Grays Run

Sugar Creek Metro Park

570 year-old White Oak tree (one of the Three Sisters)

Sunbathing buzzard atop the now fallen middle sister


Downtown Marietta as seen from Lookout Point

Winter Solstice sunset on the Ohio River (view from The Point)

Mound Cemetery with the Conus Mound (Adena Culture) in the background

Zaleski State Forest

The legendary Moonville Tunnel

Hemlock tree along Raccoon Creek

Raccoon Creek (at 99 miles long this is the longest creek in Ohio and possibly the world; 100 miles long would make it a river)

Lookout Rock

Swamp of Sadness along Raccoon Creek

Taylorsville Metro Park

The Great Miami River at rest

Brassfield dolomite outcrop

January 17, 2012

Buzzards Roost Preserve

Yocatangee Gorge from the South Point Lookout

Gnarled tree on the cliffs

Paint Creek

Appalachian wilderness

Rock formation along the cliffs

Hocking Hills State Park: Cantwell Cliffs

Massive recess cave

Cardinal Flower

Black Hand sandstone narrows

Vista from the Rim Trail

Cliff-side recess cave

Light at play

Rock gap