March 27, 2012

Glen Helen

Birch Creek Cascades

Glen Helen is named for Helen Birch, a wealthy girl who used the Glen as her private playground. Helen's Stone, seen here, marks the spot where she used to read under an old (still standing) Oak tree.

Pompey's Pillar

The famous Yellow Spring, a local landmark to Indians, and the namesake of Yellow Springs, Ohio

One of the many old-growth White Oak trees in the Glen

Ricciardi Spring

Woodland spring

Hutchins State Nature Preserve

The Olentangy River as seen from the High Banks shale outcrop

Rue Anemone

Downy Yellow Violet

Blue Phlox

Portion of the horseshoe-shaped Highbanks Earthworks built by the Cole Culture

Highbanks Metro Park

Exposed shale in a stream ravine

Wood Violet

Red Squirrel

Spring woodland

March 19, 2012

Clear Creek Metro Park

Hemlock ravine

Written Rock (prehistoric rock shelter and petroglyph)

Sandstone cave

The slump block known as Leaning Lena along Clear Creek Road

Chickweed growing on Leaning Lena

 Lake Emily

Blue Flag

Mountain Laurel

Artist's Conk

Tucker State Nature Preserve

Swamp forest in March

Northern Flicker


Blacklick Woods Metro Park

Buttonbush swamp forest

March 2, 2012