June 30, 2012

Arc of Appalachia Preserve System: Rock Run

The vast canyon of Rock Run as seen from the City Ledge

Blocks of sandstone from the City Ledge

Original sandstone property marker along the Trillium Branch of Rock Run

Hanging wetland

 The clear waters of Rock Run

 The shale bed of Rock Run

 Petroleum emerging from shale in the bottom of the Rock Run canyon

June 22, 2012

Caesar Creek State Park

Caesar Creek

Caesar Creek Gorge

Limestone cliff along the Flat Fork of Caesar Creek

Caesar Creek State Park is one of the best areas in Ohio to find fossils

Snail feeding on a mushroom

Deptford Pink

June 14, 2012

Ohio Caverns

Mysterious passage in Ohio's largest caverns

Tiger stripes

Water at work

The Crystal King

Calcite column

In the Palace of the Gods

Calcite formations in a true Ohio wonder

Zane-Shawnee Caverns

Zane-Shawnee Caverns began to form in the Columbus limestone around 1 million years ago.
The caverns are located on land owned by the United Remnant Band of the Shawnee Nation.

Cave pearls

June 12, 2012

Logan Elm State Memorial

Along the banks of Congo Creek

Chief Logan of the Mingoes

Site description

Logan's Elm

Logan's speech

Garbry Big Woods Sanctuary

Mature beech-maple forest

Fall serenity

Lake Katharine State Nature Preserve

Towering trees along Lake Katharine

Waterfall and recess

Sharon conglomerate sandstone

Cave in the Sharon sandstone

Tool marks left by an unknown people


Indian Pipe

A. W. Marion State Park

Hargus Lake

Stage's Pond State Nature Preserve

Stage's Pond is a glacial kettle lake formed by a chunk of ice
left behind by a receding glacier. The weight of the ice mass
left a 64 acre depression in the landscape.

June 11, 2012

Mohican State Park

Clear Fork of the Mohican River

Clear Fork Gorge is the deepest gorge in Ohio
and is the result of glacial stream reversal

Inside a talus cave behind Little Lyons Falls

Mussels are indicators of high water quality

Nodding Trillium

Wild Geranium

Morel mushroom