December 26, 2012

King Tunnel

Western entrance of the King Tunnel
(aka King Switch Tunnel; Mineral Tunnel)

Exposed coal seam at the western entrance

Wooden support beams and coal seam

Lonely passage

Eastern entrance (a large swamp occurs near this entrance)

Waterloo Wildlife Area

Entrance to a sandstone recess cave formed in a coal seam

Massive bed of crystals at the entrance (note coal seam on upper left)


Main passage

Vinton Furnace State Experimental Forest

The ruins of Vinton Furnace

Inside a chamber of the Belgian Coke Ovens
(the only existing coke oven of its type in the world)

Chimney structure (note the numeral of the oven number)

Frontal view of the ovens

The Belgian Coke Ovens are a rare piece of Ohio history

Lake Hope State Park

The preserved remains of Hope Furnace

East Fork Wildlife Area

Northern entrance to the mill race of Tunnel Mill

Inside the tunnel; access from the southern entrance

A crawl after the first passage inside the tunnel

At the end of the crawl the tunnel drops into a room

Looking towards the southern entrance