January 28, 2013

Eden Park

Bellevue, Kentucky as seen from the overlook at Eden Park

Waterfall in Krohn Conservatory

Tropical paradise in Krohn Conservatory

Coy pond in Krohn Conservatory


Old-growth in the Beech Grove

Mature woodland in a ravine in Dogwood Park

January 21, 2013

Kelley Nature Preserve

Early morning mist on the Little Miami River

Woodland Mound Park

View of the Ohio River Valley

Withrow Nature Preserve

Ice crystal on rose bush

Sycamore Park

Waterfall, limestone, and shale

Lake Isabella Park

Lake Isabella occupies the former grounds of a quarry

Flagg Spring Cemetery

The Flagg Spring Cemetery Mound

East Fork State Park

The Elk Lick Mound

Crooked Run State Nature Preserve

Crooked Run is a backwater of the Ohio River and a haven for birds

Chilo Lock 34 Park

The old Chilo lock house

Tug boat and barges on a still Ohio River