September 23, 2014

September 13, 2014

Wayne National Forest

Spaylaywitheepi at dawn

Great Cave

Irish Run Natural Bridge

Zoar Village State Memorial

Zoar Garden

Triangle Lake Bog State Nature Preserve

Triangle Lake

Northern Pitcher-plant

Round-leaved Sundew

The Wilderness Center

Prairie scene

Tappan Lake

Great Spangled Fritillary on Milkweed

Eastern Milk Snake

Prairie on the Beall Farm

Edgington Run Bay

Tappan Lake from 2,500 feet

Tappan Lake from 2,500 feet

Sunset at the rest area

Shreve Lake Wildlife Area

Great Blue Heron on a serene Shreve Lake

Seneca Lake


Eastern Box Turtle

Schoenbrunn State Memorial

Schoenbrunn was a Moravian mission to the Delaware Indians
and was one of several such missions in the Tuscarawas River Valley

Solemn gravestone of an Indian resident

Reflection in a rain puddle

Newton Falls

Newton Falls

Mohawk Dam

View from the top of Mohawk Dam during a flood

Blue hole

Jackson Bog State Nature Preserve

Purple Loosestrife

Morning dew on Spotted Jewelweed

Spring-fed stream

Herrick Fen State Nature Preserve

Fen and sedge meadow

Geneva State Park

Red sands on a secret beach

Sunset on Lake Erie

Decaying Orange Sulphur on the Red Sands

Chestnut Grove

Forest in the wetlands area


Fiery sunrise

Early riser in Dover Park

Pine woods in Dover Park

Bloodroot in Dover Park


White Trillium

Nodding Trillium (red form)

Sessile Trillium

Common Blue Violet

Mayapples and ferns

Greek Valerian

Jack in the Pulpit

Wild Blue Phlox

Wild Geranium

Dover from 2,500 feet

Rolling hills from 2,500 feet