December 26, 2015

June 13, 2015

Wright Brothers Memorial

Monument to great Ohioans

Mound group

Woodland Cemetery

View of downtown Dayton


Ohio historical marker

Highlands Nature Sanctuary: TES Farm

Looking east at dusk

Looking west during sunset

Sycamore State Park

Miniature world in Wolf Creek


World's largest cuckoo clock

Stockport Mill

Stockport Mill on the Muskingum River


Golden sunset

Shawnee Prairie

Shawnee Prairie, near Prophetstown

Shawnee Lookout

Conical mound in the park

Asiatic Dayflower

View from Shawnee Lookout (mouth of the Great Miami River in distance)

Shawnee Lookout is located in the Miami Fort, a Hopewell hilltop enclosure. Research indicates Miami Fort may have been the longest continually-occupied hilltop enclosure in the US.

Sharon Woods

Majestic old sycamore tree

Waterfall on Ordovician limestone

Sharon Lake

Rock School

Old school house

Rock School was named after this large glacial erratic on-site

Inscription on the rock